Hawaiian Humane Society Dog Art


Some Great Looking Dogs - Some Looking for Nice Homes! Some Who Have Already Found Them!

...and Some Pooch Poems

Sketches of the Dogs

of the

Hawaii Humane Society

Updated 31 December 2013

My wife, Koali, and I are dog lovers

and they are my favorite subjects

to sketch. I have been taking photos of

many of the dogs at the local Humane

Society, do sketches of them and

post the sketches on this site.

When any of these animals are adopted, I’ll be glad to send digital images of the dogs, similar to those displayed below, to their new owners. You can email me at [email protected]

Also, if any friends of the Humane

Society would like digital portraits

of their dogs, I’d be happy to do them

and email the dog portrait to you.

I request that you send a donation

($25.00 recommended) to the Hawaii

Humane Society once you’ve

received the completed dog portrait.

Just email me a good photo of your dog and you can even specify the background colors you’d desire for the portrait.  I would be happy to include your dog portrait in this growing gallery of DOGs!!

And I’m happy to announce the publication in November 2013 of the first volume of “Doggerel - PoochPics and PoochPoems” - electronic books of over 50 artistic renditions of former resident dogs from the Hawaiian Humane Society and other animal rescue and welfare organizations. The poems - limericks - examples shown above - are my attempts to depict, whimsically, what I think our wonderful canine friends would be thinking in all the situations they find themselves in during their doggie days. There are two versions. The Kindle eBook version that can be read on ANY PC or mobile device can be purchased on Amazon for $3.99. The Apple iBook version can be read on any iPad or iMac running the new Mavericks OS and is available at the Apple iTunes Store or the Apple iBook Store for $5.99. This version has links to many interesting and informative doggie websites and has audio tracks for each limerick. It would make a great kiddo bedtime book. But the ebooks are aimed at ALL dog lovers, young and old!


including the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Usually I place the most recent dog sketches at the top, but please check back here frequently for updates!

This is Pixie, the Humane Society’s Pet Therapy Dog.

She belongs to one of the Humane Society volunteers.

Lori-Ann’s Lorin

Lori-Ann’s Cissy

Dog Portraits Commissioned by Friends of the Hawaiian Humane Society

for Donations to this Worthy Organization

John’s Haley

Lori-Ann’s Sasha-Ann

Fred’s Bridgit

Rick’s Radar

And some of you dog lovers - or your kids or grandkids - may be amused by this 3.5 minute

              YouTube video slideshow linked below of ... yep, you guessed it - DOGs!


If you’d like to see a lot more of the PoochPics and PoochPoems, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter - @daveand65 - where I post several of these a week.

Some Handsome Temporary Residents of the Hawaiian Humane Society

Lori’s Hoku

Natalie’s Daisy

Valerie’s Kekona

Valerie’s Kekona 2

Marguerite’s Tassi

Fred’s Bridgit

Fred’s Nikita

I’ve also tried to celebrate in my art many dogs from several other US-based humane societies and animal cruelty prevention groups. If interested in seeing some of those, just click on the link below:

Animal Shelter Dog Art